Versace for H&M

I was so excited, the Versace collection for H&M is in the stores today. So after my class, I went to the main shopping street of Ghent where there are two H&M stores.  I was mentally prepared for a LOT of people but when I arrived, it was totally not crowded. You can guess: no Versace in this store. But there was still some hope and I went to the second store but there was no Versace either! I was so desapointed, I thought, it's like Ghent, big city. Apparently not big enough.
If you know in which Belgian stores they do sell Versace, let me know!


  1. that's a pitty, but I don't like the collection at all

  2. Jis echt nie mooi hoor de collectie :p en te duur!

  3. Such a lovely collection, I like it! Great sense of style!

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  4. It is very colorful collection!

  5. That really sucks that you were not able to buy anything!! I have been wanting to go check it out but well no time! Their is a giveaway on my blog I think you will really like, please pass by to enter!!


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    p.s. nice blog here too, I loved Versace collection! took the high black sandals :-) What a pity you didn't grab anything :-(:-(


  8. Went to get the collection as well! Great collection!

  9. wow! Superbe!

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