Versace for H&M

I was so excited, the Versace collection for H&M is in the stores today. So after my class, I went to the main shopping street of Ghent where there are two H&M stores.  I was mentally prepared for a LOT of people but when I arrived, it was totally not crowded. You can guess: no Versace in this store. But there was still some hope and I went to the second store but there was no Versace either! I was so desapointed, I thought, it's like Ghent, big city. Apparently not big enough.
If you know in which Belgian stores they do sell Versace, let me know!


Quick selection: Gloves

It was litterally freezing this morning when I drove to school, by bike (!). And when I wish I wouldn't be able to feel my hands anymore, I realized that I should really buy some gloves! I took a quick look on the internet and this is a small selection of the ones I liked. The first two are my favourites. What do you think? Let me know if you have other suggestions.



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